The Winter Trial 2017 Let's go East

The start is on January 22 - 2017 in the south of Limburg near Maastricht and the finish will be on Friday January 27 near Salzburg in Austria. So work to do for our route survey team. The first outing will be in early march and of course we will keep you posted of what is going to be discovered. You will explore territories not visited by tourist nor business men. We cross remote hidden borders and cultures which become visible for your eyes only.

What is new in 2017 ?

1. In the last Winter Trial we where pleased to see a slowly growing group of younger participants. This is great for our sport, because the great names from the fifties and sixties are unfortunately fading away.

2. After three years in the Scandinavian countries the Winter Trial is looking for new "old" territory. So we will go east. The territory will consist of Germany - Czech Republic - Austria, but the official route will remain secret until 3 weeks before the start.

3. As always the route will consist of some 30 regularity sections, half a dozen tests plus two night loops for the Trial class.



Who can participate:
Everybody with a drivers licence, not afraid to drive on snow and ice and a great sense of humour is welcome to the event and can apply for an invitation.

Which cars are eligible
Any two wheel drive car build before December 31 - 1979 is welcome in the Club Class.
To enter the Trial Class your car must have been build before December 31 - 1976.

How to enter
You may download the entry form from the download page - you will also find the costs of the entry. You may also fill out the online entry form.

Entree's will be accepted from May 1 onwards, sothat you can plan your Winter adventures in time.

The organising team.