The Winter Trial 2019 Icecold the best

Start on Sunday 27 January, finish on Friday 1 February 2019.

What is new for 2019?

1. The length of the event is 6 days, as it used to be in the past and as always two evening loops for just the Trial class.
2. The start of the event will be in the eastern part of Europe.So do expect snow right from the start.
3. This year we will accept cars up to 1985. However only cars being built before 1979 are eligible for the overall awards.

Who can compete?
If you have a valid driving licence and common sense, good humour and an interest in having fun, then you can enter!

How and when can I enter the Winter Trial?
On our site goto to register or mail us at and ask for the entry form. The full entry fee is € 6.490 unless you are quick to register in which case the early bird fee is applicable. Goto electronic entry form or download the form.

I am new to the Winter Trial, is that a problem?
That definitely is not a problem. In December 2018 we will organise an afternoon for the new comers to teach you the tips and tricks.

What class should I enter?
We have three classes:

1. The Challenge Category drives the full daytime route but does not drive the evening loops. They spend more time in the bar and have lots of fun.

2.The Trial Category is much more competitive. You need a more experienced navigator and be willing to drive two evening loops of about 3 hours each.

Do I need a competition licence?

Yes you do, but if you do not have a valid one we can provide you with a KNAF rally pass at 

Regular news letters, regulations and other info will be published on the downloads page.

Are you ready to enter?