The Winter Trial 2010

The 10th Winter Trial

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During the motorsport show in Stoneleigh, it was clear that the spectacular amount of snow in the last Winter Trial got the attention of the keen Brittish rally drivers. Booking for the 10th running were made on the spot.
And also our next great adventure the Carrera Copacabana saw a great deal of interest.

At the classic car show in Stoneleigh Bart Rietbergen, chairman of Classic Events, revealed his plans for the tenth Winter Trial. Rietbergen wants to reinstate the Nations Cup, a challenge for the teams of the various countries competing in the Winter Trial of 2010. So far we have teams entered from England, Ireland, Germany and Belgium.

So on January 24, Rietbergen will speak the famous words , “Gentlemen for the pride of your country, start your engines”.

Ireland’s Frank Fennell has been named the Chef de Mission for Ireland, Hans Jorgen Gotzl of Motor Classic will do the same for Germany and Jean Pierre Reynard of La Vie de l ' auto for France.
Other nations who will form a team are Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.
The objective is to have 7 Nations to fight for this prestigious Nations Cup.
It goes without saying that the normal individual entries will remain in place.

Battle ground for the tenth Winter Trial will be Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and south east Germany. With start and finish in the Salzburg area, the route will have a length of some 2500 kilometers. This area has proven to have guaranteed snow in the last four years that the winter Trial was run there.