The Winter Trial 2013 Drive your dream live the legend

The Winter Trial has a new winner. 

The Norwegian/Dutch team has taken the victory in the hardest winter trial yet. Snow from start to finish. Read the daily reports.

For the full results listings please go to the Results pages on this website and see the detailed results for each crew via the Entry list.

Live the legend…drive your dream

In the early 1900s the very first really tough rally was organized by the Imperial Automobile Club of Austria. The event was named the Alpine Rally. Back then, unpaved mountain roads provided the test track for various car manufacturers who wanted to demonstrate their products to the public.


Now, 100 years later, the Winter Trial has become the most testing event for driver and navigator as well as the machinery. For a successful winter event, it goes without saying that the weather must play ball and since the Winter Trial has gone east we have had just the right combination of snow, ice, fog, wind and occasionally even sunshine. A tough and demanding challenge for man and machine, recreating real hero’s.

The route has two classes. The Trial Class route consists of six day legs and two challenging evening loops that really sort the men from the boys. The route length is about 2250 kilometers.

The Club Class caters for those who prefer the camaraderie in the warm hotels over the icy night pistes and consists only of the six day legs. This class will drive some 1850 kilometers.

No one will question your intended level of participation - but we have noticed that the “Club Class” seem to be smiling more often.

The daily routes are divided into regularity sections where accurate navigation and timekeeping play as big a part as precise driving. There are also a number of tests on private roads, where the car and driver combination are tested, but the navigators are still required to guide them along the correct route. The 2013 edition will see at least one driving test per day.

Classic Events take pride in its formula that guarantees sportsmanship as well as camaraderie and that is why we stick to our maximum number of entries. One hundred crews is the magic limit.
Burning rubber, rattling snow chains, squeaking snow and icy test tracks, are just a few of the many ingredients that make the Winter Trial the toughest winter event. Not for softies, but for diehards and brave contenders. The memories and the friends you’ll make will endure forever.


Experienced service crews will follow the rally to make sure that nobody gets stranded. They are there to get you going again when you are stuck, not to do you daily maintenance. A trailer with spare cars for those who have to leave the competition, but not the party, follows the event just in case…

The route

For the time being the route will remain secret, but we can give away that the start will be in Enschede at the Vredestein factory with the finish in the picturesque village of Sant Wolfgang alongside Austria's Wolfgangsee. Our Winter Trial newsletter and website will update you about the recce progress and other important things to know.


Do I need experience to complete this event? No you do not - after one day of rallying you have built up your first rally experience and you will keep learning as we go. Every year we see a couple of rookies and we are glad to have these. See the Download page for more information.


The Winter Trial motto, the best available, also goes for the carefully selected hotels. But bear in mind that we also seek the best available rally routes, which are not always were the fairytale hotels can be found.


The Winter Trial is by invitation only. With the form you may apply for an invitation to compete. Note that there is a limit on the number of each type of car that we will invite. Within four weeks after receipt of your application form you will be notified if you are invited. It goes without saying that older and less common cars are high on our preference list.

Entree forms can now be downloaded.